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Pengabdian Masyarakat Teknik Lingkungan UNDIP

Saturday, 16 october 2021 last , team devotion the community Environmental Engineering UNDIP conduct a visit to Pasar Batang. This visit review of activity and potential that could be developed in the Pasar Batang. The also attended by industry office and trade district the Batang and the association Pasar Batang.
One of the activities done is education about making Eco-enzym. Eco-enzym own is the result of fermentation waste organic , molasses , and water by comparison 3: 1: 10 which was for 90 days. Organic waste here of the rest of fruits and vegetables originating from the Pasar Batang. The the seller and buyer enthusiastically done with education.
Besides education about making Eco-enzym, Devotion Environmental Engineering Team the UNDIP also recognized several other potential can be developed one of them is trash bank. And hopefully by the presence of trash bank could help marketers in paying market by the administration fee they ended up coming with own garbage.