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UNDIP Environmental Engineering provides several facilities to support sustainability in lecture activities. The facilities in nature come from university procurement, assistance, cooperation and others. Here are some of the facilities provided by the Department of Environmental Engineering:

Lecture Hall

The Department of Environmental Engineering is located in Gedung Kuliah Besama (GKB) building C has 7 lecture halls. In the classroom there are supporting facilities for educational activities such as LCD-projectors, air conditioners, Singleseat Chairs, whiteboards, lecturer desks, and speakers.

Reading Room

The reading room is a facility for students to provide a lot of environmental engineering information in the form of journals, practice work reports, and final student assignment reports. In the reading room there are several supporting facilities such as computers, printers, air conditioner, reading desks, books, journals, Final Student Assignments, and bookstores.

To support learning activities, especially in the ease of connectivity to information, internet connection facilities are provided via wifi. The wifi available is already integrated with all the wifi in Undip. So that it can be connected to the internet in all undip campus locations. This wifi internet connection provided has Mbps speed. It also uses an SSO (Single Sign On) system that integrates with the Undip information system.


To accommodate the religious needs of Islamic students, mushola is provided with prayer mats, mukena, and ablution places.


Other facilities include a toilet. This toilet is located on every floor. With a large number of toilets and excellent condition, it is very supportive of the learning process of students on campus.


The Department of Environmental Engineering provides parking facilities for both motorcycles and cars. The parking lot is very spacious so it is able to accommodate quite a lot of vehicles. There is also a parking security guard that guards the safety of vehicles.