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Department Leadership

Dr. Ing,- Sudarno utomo, ST, MSc
Welcome to  Environmental Engineering Department

We are very happy for your visit to our website. Hopefully you are interested in using this website to find information about learning as Environmental Engineering, at Diponegoro University.

Department of Environmental Engineering is a newly established potential university in Indonesia that has strategic location, beautiful campus area, profitable research and community services, complete and modern library, state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories in Semarang, Central Java, highly advanced information technology, and quality human resources both at the regional and national level have excellent achievements in their own field.

Potential will significantly become meaningless if students are not underlined by a strong vision, mission and goals. As such, we are committed to doing our best to realize the Department of Environmental Engineering not only as a center of thought and discussion, but also as a center for the development of science, technology, and culture to enrich social life and support national development.

We provide opportunities for academics to remain competitive in their own fields, support students to be more active, critical, and creative in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, support lecturers and researchers to discover new discoveries and developments that benefit the community, and also support technical units in the Department of Environmental Engineering to improve the quality of service.

Furthermore, we hope our department can become a learning and research department because it has been our challenge and opportunity in this century. Thank you for exploring the Department of Environmental Engineering through this website. We are happy to accept criticism and suggestions for the improvement of our department.