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The Department of Environmental Engineering is one of the courses within the faculty of engineering diponegoro university which was officially established in 1998 and began receiving the first students in the academic year 1999.

"The department was established with the aim of meeting the demands of reliable Environmental Engineering experts who can play an active role in addressing environmental issues in line with population growth, increased public awareness of a healthy environment, global climate change conditions and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)"

In conducting educational programs, the environmental engineering department implements a carefully formulated curriculum that involves the formation of educated, skilled, and knowledgeable graduate characters that support creative and creative thinking that is creative and innovative and professional.

The Department of Environmental Engineering equips students to be actively involved in dealing with clean water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, air pollution control and environmental sanitation through technical approaches. In addition, Bachelor of Environmental Engineering is also qualified with a wide range of supporting knowledge including health and safety, project management, communication skills and entrepreneurial spirit. The department of environmental engineering supports the development of talent and allocation of student expertise in the fields of religion, arts, culture and sports, as well as providing students with organizational experience through the Environmental Engineering Student Association (HMTL).