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Semarang, July 5, 2022. Coinciding with World Environment Day, Alsa LC UNDIP (Asian Low Students Association Local Chapter Undip) together with DipowasteBank held an “Earth Day” event, which was centered on the Ketekan River, Dawungan Village, Jabungan Village, Banyumanik District, Semarang City, Central Java. The theme raised is Global Warming; Sincere Gesture, Green Future. Various series of activities carried out in this event in the form of socialization of waste treatment and implementation of waste treatment by Dipowastebank and the action of cleaning the Ketekan River.

The socialization regarding waste treatment was delivered by Hanif Kusumasmitita as a representative of Dipowastebank, where at this event it was conveyed regarding waste management and the importance of a waste treatment, which hoped to reduce the amount of waste that entered the Final Waste (TPA) processing site. In addition, the implementation of waste treatment was also practiced directly at this event, which was hosted by sister Uus Uswatun Hasanah and Agnes Hinkga Bheda Kusworo (representatives of Dipowastebank), the implementation of waste treatment practiced namely making ecoenzyme as one step in processing organic waste and making ecobrick as One form of inorganic waste treatment, which hopes after the event ends the community and students can apply it directly both in the boarding house and at home.

The action to clean the river was in the process, this action was attended by the entire committee and the participants present. The head of the local comunity in his remarks said that “This activity is very good to be carried out because it can have a positive impact, after the action of cleaning the river that has never been carried out in the Ketekan River, hopefully can bring change for us to always protect the environment.” Waste obtained from the action to clean the river is planned to be sorted and weighed and then handed over to Dipowastebank. A healthy and clean environment requires the support and involvement of all parties constructively, none other than in the same direction and in line with the national goals and the ideals of the nation.