S1 Curriculum

The Environmental Engineering Study Program is committed to improving the competency of human resources who are aware and able to learn throughout life to improve the quantity and quality of Research and publications in order to be able to innovate in the field of engineering and environmental management. This commitment is carried out by conducting education and teaching based on the curriculum consisting of 144 credits and can be reached within 4 years. This curriculum was formulated by the formulation team and discussed in a study program evaluation meeting attended by all UNDIP Environmental Engineering lecturers. The process of formulation and preparation begins with several preliminary activities, namely evaluation of tracer alumni and alumni stakeholders. The results of the evaluation greatly influenced the results of the curriculum formulation of the UNDIP Environmental Engineering Study Program.


Curriculum Guide 2020 Universitas Diponegoro Environmental Engineering Independent Campus can be downloaded at the following link:


Diponegoro University's 2017 Curriculum Guide for Environmental Engineering can be downloaded at the following link: