Department of Environmental Engineering again held The 4th International Conference on Environment, Sustainability Issues and Community Development (INCRID) on September 1st 2022. The event, which is held annually, is held in a hybrid manner at the New Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. Attended by more than a thousand participants, both offline and online, INCRID 2022 was successfully held.
This year, INCRID 2022 carries the theme, “Supporting the Realization of Zero Carbon Environment by Implementing Circular Economy”. INCRID 2022 focuses on discussing the circular economy which is considered more effective to save natural resources because this concept not only focuses on waste management, but also focuses on waste management. Then use the production process, where raw materials can be used over and over again. So there will be big savings, especially for natural resources. The circular economy is also considered to be one of the concepts that can be applied in maintaining sustainability. This was emphasized in the Third Y20 Indonesia Pre-Conference Forum (KTT). The main topics in this conference are Environment, Health, & Safety, Environmental Science, Technology, and Education, Green Infrastructure, Energy Conservation and Efficiency.
The event was opened by singing the national anthem and an opening speech from the chairman of INCRID 2022, Dr. Yustina Metanoia Pusparizkita. In her speech, the chairman of the 4th INCRID 2022 hopes that this event can support emission reductions to achieve the net zero carbon neutrality target and can support the concept of a circular economy. After the event was opened, the first event was opened with a plenary session which presented three speakers :
– Dr. Ramaraj Boopathy who specializes in Bioremediation and Bio-Processing
– Dr. Premakumara Jagath who is an expert in Waste Management
– Prof. Pau Loke Show who is expert in Microalgae Technology

INCRID 2022 also presents a forum for students or academics to be able publish their journals internationally. In the course of INCRID 2022, there are around 150 journals registered from seven countries. Participants are also given the opportunity to present their journals both offline and online. In the presentation session, both moderators and participants are allowed to ask questions and criticize the journals presented.
After going through a series of presentations, the event was continued with a second plenary session, with the following speakers:
Prof. Ir. Tjandra Setiadi, M.Eng., Ph.D who is an expert in wastewater treatment
Prof. Dr. Soraya Heuss-Aβbichler who specializes in Mineralogy and Petrology
Prof. Sudharto P. Hadi, MES, Ph.D who is an expert in Environmental Management

The event was closed with a closing speech from the head of the Department of Environmental Engineering UNDIP, Dr. Ing. Sudarno S.T., M.Sc. After this event, Mr. Sudarno hopes that we can participate in problems of zero carbon, although starting from small steps, it is still very valuable.
This year is the 4th year this event is being held. By continuing to present the latest concepts and themes, INCRID will always keep up with the times. This year, INCRID 2022 will be held in a hybrid manner because it is still in the transitional situation of COVID-19. Although the event was held in a hybrid manner, it certainly did not eliminate the enthusiasm of the participants to make this event success.

See you on the 5th INCRID 2023!