Semarang (23/6) – Department of Environmental Engineering, Diponegoro University. The Young Engineers Forum, the Indonesian Engineers Association in collaboration with UNIKA Soegijapranata Semarang held a National Seminar & Workshop with the theme “The Role of Young Engineers in the Development of a Green Environment” on Saturday, 11 June 2022, at the Catholic University (UNIKA) Soegijapranata HC Building, Semarang.

Ir. Andika Pradifan, S.T., IPP., as Head of FIM PII Central Java and an alumni of Diponegoro University Environmental Engineering class 2010 along with Amin Suprayoga, S.Tr.T., as Head of the Committee stated that this seminar was held as part of preparing future engineers. in addressing environmental issues. “We want engineers to not only focus on physical buildings in the future, but also play a role in the environment and nature’s sustainability,” he said.
In this workshop, Dr. Ling. Ir Sri Sumiyati, S.T., M.Sc., IPM. is a lecturer in Environmental Engineering at Diponegoro University, not alone, but in collaboration with the Gedawang Asri Waste Bank in making takakura boxes and eco-enzyme as technology in managing household waste into something more useful. Currently, there is still a lot of waste that is thrown away and not used, it actually damages the environment. So that through the Gedawang Asri Waste Bank, he was able to invite local residents to process household waste. And currently the Gedawang Asri Garbage Bank oversees 10 other waste banks at the RW level.
In addition to being attended offline (offline) by students of Civil Engineering and Architecture study programs from a number of universities in Semarang City, the seminar can also be watched online (online) through Zoom Meetings which were attended by more than 70 online participants. Not only providing knowledge from inside the room, participants are also invited to participate in protecting the environment through planting 750 mangrove seedlings at Mangunharjo Mangkang Beach, Semarang city after the National Seminar and Workshop.

The seminar, workshop and mangrove planting were also carried out in commemoration of PII’s 70th Anniversary and continued with the 2021-2024 FIM PII Central Java working meeting which was held at the Grasia Hotel, Semarang City on Sunday, 12 June 2022. Also, the Chair of the FIM PII Central Java, Ir. Andika Pradifan, S.T., IPP. Thank you to the almamater of Environmental Engineering, Diponegoro University and PSPPI, Diponegoro University, who have provided support and support that was beyond the expectations of the organizers of the event.